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Crests and Troughs of Life Cycles

Two days ago we were at the concert of the school big band of our son, where he is playing trombone – an impressive performance entitled “Noche de Salsa”. One of the two conductors mentioned that for the orchestra there are life cycles like waves, with ups and downs, and this was just the crest time, having been built up over months of rehearsals. A wave trough will follow in summer, when over 10 students will leave the college.

This is a very common movement of living systems going through time cycles, be it a product life cycle, a trend, periods of an individual life or on a bigger scale of enterprises, of nations, of cultures. When you are experiencing the top you easily forget that the drift might change and other currents come in.

On the spiritual path it is most important to observe these subtle changes in the quality of time cycles and watch out for favourable or crosscurrents. It is very useful to combine this with an observation of the changing planetary rhythms. You can read more about the way to deal with time cycles in the Lunar Messenger on “Working with the Key of Time“.


Waves at the Gulf of Bengal in India, January 07.

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