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Vampires of Attention

Two days ago I read an article in the Swiss collection “Marketing & Kommunikation 2007”, about a research on directing attention to the ad messages. Key remarks were: Without attention no advertising effect. And: Mere stirring of attention with sex pictures doesn’t work: Recent psychological researches have shown that women avoid looking at naked skin, and they react with tension on female eroticism. With men, naked female bodies work as “vampires of attention”, deviating the attention from the message of the ad. Viewers thus tend to forget quicker the message of the product. And without attention no conscious perception and thus no advertising impact.
The conclusion was: Erotic pictures should be used only very sparingly and only after intense pre-tests. It seems that the old marketing rule of “sex sells” has become obsolete, and this particularly with the female public.
Directing the attention is also a science in spirituality: To be able to enter into more subtle realms you have to learn to direct the attention inward. And when you are more stable in the inner, your outer attention cannot easily be diverted through outer “vampires of attention”. For this, you might like to read the Lunar Messenger on “Awareness and Thought“.

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