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Spamming and Dangers on the Spiritual Path

After some months I yesterday looked again into the admin of the E-Card-system on the good-will website and found over 12000 mails sent over the last 3 months – mainly spam mails praising sex, drugs and replica watches. Dirty mails with dirtiest links. I quickly tried to block the system, for every day they were dispatching via my system their stinking messages, but this wasn’t enough. Since 4 years I hadn’t installed an update of the system, and this was urgent now.

Peter Sundstrom, the kind owner of Ginini technologies (Ginini is an aboriginal word meaning sleeping woman, the name of a mountain range “down under” in Australia) and programmer of Postcard Direct (a good multi-language e-card system, which I have installed) quickly gave me a reply what to do.

Nevertheless it took me some hours until everything was in the right forms again, for there had been several changes in the system. Now the e-cards are running again (and I have re-installed the dropdown with a music-selection) – and most important, a look into the logfiles on the server this morning showed that the dirty messages were no longer being sent from my server.

It reminds me of the wakefulness needed on the spiritual path. When you try to progress without having “fixed” your system of living and of motives, egoistic tendencies start flourishing in you and gushing their stinking waters into you and your surroundings.

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