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Right Relations and Religious Multiplicity

A friend sent me the link to the website of the Global Ethic Foundation, initiated some 16 years ago by Professor Hans K√ľng’s book “Global Responsibility” (1990), which was first published in English in 1991. “This book developed programmatically the idea that the religions of the world can make a contribution to the peace of humankind only if they reflect on those elements of an ethic which they already have in common: on a fundamental consensus on binding values, irrevocable standards and personal attitudes.”

The ideals sound well, as also do those of the Parliament of World’s Religions (see also Wikipedia): “Embracing Difference, Transforming the World”, or the World Religion Forum, which had met in Kazakhstan on Sept. 13th, 06. Hopefully these initiative contribute to overcome the fanatism all over the world in the name of God and religion.

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