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Youth Forum Mithila – A Practical Spiritual Education

Yesterday evening I got an e-mail from a friend from Germany asking me to send an English copy of the book Mithila. A New Age School Syllabus, by Dr. K. P. Kumar. She is the head of a group called Dem Frieden dienen (Serving Peace) and they are running a website called Youth Forum Mithila, dedicated to further a spiritual education (I reported about it here). She wrote that since she is getting requests from management trainers and other people working with education, also with some groups in Africa, she is planning to do part of the site in English – up to now it is mainly German, but with some articles in English, just go through the navigation). The website has grown a lot over the year of its existence, encompassing now ethical stories from East and West, little reports about youth projects of different groups (under the title “Learning Life”), about Nature and Cosmos (about´┐Ż the star constellations of a month or on healing herbs, the mysteries of water or the crop circles), not to forget a section with little mathematical and other games and all the chapters of the above mentioned book on Mithila.
I am fascinated by this initiative, since it gives in a fresh way a lot of inspiration to show to youngsters (and those who have remained young or work with children) how to life a modern life with a spiritual perspective.
Although there are numerous activities trying to approach children to an ethical living – here ethical and religious questions is even a school subject – it is my observation that many children don’t adopt it because it is not really linked to life – their lives. So showing practical examples and living spirituality with children might give them an orientation and help them to cross the counter-currents of today’s mainstream way of life.

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