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Consciousness is growing slower than grass …

Yesterday evening I read in a lecture by Dr. E. Krishnamacharya on Advanced Astrology (Spiritual Astrology), given in Munich 1981, about the evolution of consciousness. We are living in different layers of consciousness. In the animal kingdom, a dog for example is conscious of his environment or his master, but not of himself. In the human kingdom through eons of time self-consciousness has developed. This means, we have the possibility to be conscious of ourselves, of our soul existence. But mostly we are not.
All these routine activities we are going through every day – eating, drinking, running to office and doing all these activities we are normally doing are just a mechanical activity of our intelligence, in which we need not be present fully. Even though we are awake, a part of ourselves is just drowsy. How well I know this kind of drowsyness. Only at certain corners where I have to pay attention there is more awareness.
The spiritual layer of consciousness becomes awake through meditative work, and sometimes we can experience it also in our daily routine, when we do things with more awareness. My experience is that it is a continuous striving and practicing to live in that consciousness and not to sleep away into the half-conscious state of day-to-day routine living.
Routine is such a strong thing. If I try overcoming it, it catches again hold of me in the next moment. Well – consciousness is growing slower than grass, is a saying of Master Morya. So patience is the key, patience and keeping up with the practice.

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