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The Sprouting Seed of Numbers

Numbers haven’t left a deep impact on my way of thinking, neither in school, where I wasn’t good in mathematics, nor later in life, nor in economic contexts. I also wasn’t much touched by coming across teachings about the qualitative side of numbers, neither during the time at university, nor my formation or work as a teacher in an anthroposophical school some 20 years ago, nor later during my spiritual studies.
But somehow last week’s seminar on the wisdom of Pythagoras has stirred an impulse and touched me in the core in a way I cannot yet grasp. There is an inner echoe going on. With matters just studied, it goes into the brain and gets stored there somehow, but with experiences touching me existentially, they tend to transform my life.
It seems to me that for the first time numbers have shown to me a tast of their inner essence, when I listened to Dr. Kumar speaking about the Pythagorean decade and the qualities of 1+2+3+4=10 or 1x2x3x4=24 or the qualities and relation of the other numbers. Seeing in a meditative experience the numbers as pre-conscious structuring elements of existence ruling over the whole manifestation of life and being somehow a shorthand form to express deep and complex patterns in a seedform opened for me a new attitude toward these strange and at the same time familiar intelligences called numbers.
I wonder how this sprouting seed is developing.

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