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A Seminar on the Wisdom of Pythagoras

Back from warm Samos to cold Switzerland. We had been for a week on the Greek island in the Eastern Mediterranean for a seminar by Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar on the wisdom of Pythagoras in the light of Eastern wisdom. It was a fascinating meeting with about 160 participants from North and South America and different European countries.
Pythagoras was born on this island, though he had been most of his life wandering in the East for deepening his knowledge. On the northern side of the island we had been visiting and meditating in the caves, where Pythagoras had lived for a while. On the southern side, a village is now bearing his name, and there is a statue of the famous mathematician-initiate in the harbour of Pythagorion, covered with mathematical and occult symbols from his teachings. We had a beautiful evening meditation with the group around the statue.
I’m now typing my seminar notes, some people told me they were interested in getting a copy…

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