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Interchange of Spheres

Yesterday morning I went by car to pick up our eldest son and his computer equipment from a friend’s house, where he had spent the night. They wanted to do online games, but the line was broken. He just had upgraded to a new version of his favorite game Guild Wars, and he is bent on diving into the new dimensions of this virtual world, where a great number of people are participating. When he is gaming, it is just his body sitting in front of the computer, his mind is far away.
He is absorbed for hours, and getting him out for meals or for other things is quite difficult. Where is an individual in such a state? It seems that the mind is linked off from the physical, forgetting its needs. I myself am working very much with the computer, though not gaming, but following my lines of professional or spiritual work. I also experience this state of absorption in a way, and I often ponder on what is happening through the virtual spheres intermingling with the outer physical worlds. There are so many strata of human consciousness and interests reflected in the ocean of bits and bytes. It is like a concretisation of the emotional and the mental plane, being made visible on the screen, showing a spectrum of the mental focus, often circling around the famous triangle of money, sex and crime.
The transitions between the gross outer and the more subtle world of the virtual sphere are floating. Yesterday evening we ha a visit by a couple from a South-East European country, who had come into contact with us via our good-will website. We had a fascinating exchange. The exchange will continue via the digital channels. Where does the outer, where the digital start and end? It is the same with the subtle states of consciousness you experience in meditation. It also acts upon the grosser spheres, when you regularly attune to it. this principle of interchanging the spheres allows you to live in a higher state of consciousness and at the same time be active in an outer activity.

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