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A Book Parcel: Messenger from Afar

Yesterday a parcel with wisdom-books from India arrived, after a 3 month sea journey. Another parcel posted on the same day had arrived already a month ago. The parcel, sewn into a linnen wrapping and sealed with sealing wax, smelled orient. I had bought the books during my stay in India in January. It now arrived as a messenger from afar.

Three years ago I had started presenting the books of the WTT on the good-will website and distributing some of them for free to interested seekers, since it is nearly impossible to get these excellent books somewhere in the West. Some friends are supporting us financially in this work, and some of the recipients give a contribution.

I like very much this opportunity to come into contact with spiritual seekers, and fruitful contacts have thus developed. The requests come from all continents, thought sometimes there are immodest request, which I answer politely, but clearly.
Wisdom books cannot be eaten with spoons, and a speedy reading only causes indigestion. But used in the right way, with the right inner attitude, they open up vistas into the inner worlds.

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