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Spring Beauty

During the one week we had been away, the scenery has greatly changed: Intense colour spots of white, yellow, green and pink are seen in the gardens and along the roads. The leaves are back to the trees and are shining in a light green. The sky yesterday was giving a radiant azure background. We are in the month of Taurus, ruled by Venus. Nature is expressing in all her beauty. We sense beauty through the forms of the flowers, the freshness of the green, the warmer winds on the skin.
The meditative experience shows, that beauty is experienced more in the subtler realms of consciousness, in an inner equilibrium. When we are drowsy or busily engaged in some work, the outside beauty doesn’t seem to exist. I have to be receptive. Beauty reflects in the inside, and can be contemplated there even without the outer forms. The inspiration of beauty gives a strength to overcome even obstacles. So the refreshing energies of spring bring us the revitalizing energies for the annual cycle ahead.

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