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In the Centre of the Energy Vortex

Our last excursion in Berlin brought us to the Brandenburger Gate and the Reichstag building, the old and new seat of the German government. Both places next to each other reflect more than any other place the dramatic history of Germany and of the meeting point of hemispheres. In a side part of the Branderburger Gate there is now a Room of Silence, like the silent core in the inner of our being, where you find the inner peace of the Eternal. We sat down there for a short meditation.
At the Reichstag we went up with the elevator to the great glass dome located directly over the plenary hall of the Bundestag. There you have a very impressive sight over Berlin. Since olden times a cupola represents the head and the cosmos. A government is the head centre of a country. Here the head is not of stone, but of glass, and in the middle of i t there is a vortex-like structure with mirrors directly in the middle. This lightful structure full of transparency expresses very well the trend of time into the Aquarian age, where matter becomes lighter and more light-infused. The mirror-vortex reminded me of the sahasrara, the human head-centre of subtle energies, which in an enlightened being is open to the energies from above and distributing them to the surrounding life. It is the apex of the vertical line starting from the base of the spine.
May the work being done here at the bottom of the vortex, in the plenary hall, be inspired from the cosmic law and energies. So when descending the spirallic pathway from the top of the dome, we sang in a low voice the sacred word OM.

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