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Flowers of the Hour

When I had a look out into the garden this morning, all was covered with april-snow. It was quite different from the rain yesterday and the warm night before.
Every day, yes every hour and moment has a different quality. It unfolds like a seed and bud through time. The German writer Michael Ende has given a beautiful description of this in his book “Momo”. It is very fascinating to sense the quality of the hours and thus try to unlog the key of time. This is what Spiritual Astrology is all about. I am not much interested in normal astrology, but I am observing since years the changing qualities of
time and compare it with the daily ephemerides to gain an understanding of the rhythms and movements of the time cycles. To look at time as chronology measured by watches, like science does seems to me like reducing a multi-dimensional happening to a one-dimensional line.
However working with the key of time is more an art than a science in the ordinary understanding, for it requires being linked to ones inner and remain an observer.

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