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Yesterday turned out to be extremely a “newsletter-day”. In the morning the mailing of two different newsletters coincided at my work, in the afternoon, where I had off, there was the mailing of the good-will newsletter for Aries full moon. Before there had been a newsletter-request from Canada, then came the French and English translations for next month’s good-will newsletter, done by friends in Germany and America, as well as a correspondence with the friend doing the Spanish translation, also in the US. In the evening the Spanish translation of the Vaisakh-Newsletter arrived from a friend in Spain, which I am preparing for web-publication, besides a book request from London.
Every newsletter has a long history before, but then there is the coming out at one point. Also in the yearly cycle, in spring all the flowers come out around a time, but they have prepared for it a long time. In our lives it is the same, and the same in creation. Not the coming-out into appearance is the point of manifestation, but it carries impulses which have been sown long back in the past, and are a cyclic expression of the underlying eternal.

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