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Aquarius – The Aquarian Passage

The Eastern Scriptures describe in poetical form the birth of matter and the passage of its formation from the space as a river flowing through all the planes. The apparent creation comes from seeming nothingness and the bridge between these states is called the Aquarian passage: on one side there is the creation and on the other side there is the seeming vacuum which in reality is everything. The point of the emergence of existence expresses as the deep blue of space. From out of the deep blue all other manifestations happen. Blue is but pure white in its depth. To the spiritual eye all colours exist in blue.

The point of the Aquarian passage in us is the Eye of Shiva, the Divine Will. This eye is on the top of the forehead and is far superior to our third eye. Through this centre energies can flow from supra-cosmic spheres to all the planes of creation. This passage is used to absorb all that exists or to let new energies pour in for a new creation. The Scriptures say, “When Shiva opens his eye, all can be destroyed.”

To visualise the Aquarian passage I placed a dark blue field at the very top followed by a field of brilliant white. Below I shaped the third eye of Shiva and two closed eyes – symbolising the focus within -with the help of the image of a wooden statue of Shiva, which I worked out in golden yellow. From the third eye there is a downpour of white light to Earth. It is received on top of the White Mountain, the Mont Blanc. I took the picture of this highest mountain of the Alps during a flight back from Spain. In the background I fused another photo of the blue sky with an image of a torrent of the Iguazu Falls located between Brazil and Argentina. It is emblematic of the waters of space containing all potentials of creation.

See more pictures on the site with my paintings. If you want to print the image, you can download the file in medium and high resolution format.


3 Responses to “Aquarius – The Aquarian Passage”

  1. V v b s murthy Says:

    Your drawing symbolises little bit on Master’s prayer mantra “pituitary hint” and “pineal gland-third eye activity.
    Great msg hidden in the picture, if analysed steadily.
    Thanks and great regards

  2. Dheeraj Handa Says:

    Confused ? “This eye is on the top of the forehead and is far superior to our third eye”

  3. Dheeraj Handa Says:

    I have to say this Ludger these wisdom and thoughts that you share are surely enriching. ! Thanks for such a wonderful piece of sharing.

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