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Group Living in Santa Fe and Flight to Posadas

Last week Thursday morning we went to the national airport of Buenos Aires for the flight to Santa Fe. At the airport we met friends from Germany and from the States who just had arrived. A welcome talk in a cafeteria and then the check-in. Soon afterwards we entered a small Saab air-plane with 36 seats of which our group nearly occupied half of them. Soon Buenos Aires disappeared below us and the followed the huge Parana River. Vast areas were covered with inundations. When the plane came down I thought, where will it find a dry place to land. But then the runway of Santa Fe airport appeared. The temperature was warmer than in Buenos Aires, and a deep blue sky filled with brilliant light greeted us when we stepped out of the plane.

Some members of the Santa Fe group gave us a warm welcome and presented flowers to Dr. Kumar and Kumari-Garu. Quickly the luggage was stored in a small bus and some taxis. Also from the ground you could see some inundations around. Although there were temperatures reminding me of summertime many trees still had no leaves. We came through the city of Santa Fe and crossed a branch of the Parana River where on the other side the seminar hotel, a tall glass tower appeared.

Already many Argentinian members had arrived. We were about 150 people from different groups of Argentina and other Latin American countries, from the States and Europe. The lecture hall was beautifully decorated with images of paintings of Nicholas Roerich and a huge poster Master CVV over Mount Aconcagua was greeting us at the front-side.

The conferences of Dr. Kumar were about different aspects of the wisdom teachings and about the axis of the energies of Leo and Aquarius. He pointed out that although we are already in the month of Virgo, the full moon is considered as the full moon of Leo, since during the main part of the full moon hours the moon was in the constellation of Dhanishta, which is located in Aquarius. The main focus, however, was on keeping in one’s awareness during the day the link that we are all consciousness manifested in forms and that all forms and situations we see are expressions of this pure consciousness:

“The scriptures in the east say, as you take shower let a part of you be related to be with the divine. As you dress up yourself, let a part of you be engaged with the divine while the other part is taking bath and dressing up. Let a part of you be engaged in light while you are driving to work. Likewise when at work let a part of you be engaged in light. Anything you do let a part be engaged with light, a small part, that is enough, it keeps the door open into that part of your being which is the lightened part. We are not only personalities, we are lighted beings as souls and we are pulsating beings of light. We have a field of light into which we can consciously walk when we can dedicate a part of our being to the field of light. That part slowly magnetises you.“

The time flew by. On the last day there was a fire ritual followed by a marriage ceremony, a lecture and a question-answer session. In the evening those members who had not yet departed assembled in the premises of the Santa Fe group in the city. We sat close together for evening meditation and another question-answer session. There were very profound questions and the answers, as usual, very thrilling.

Next morning the plane brought us back to Buenos Aires. Instead of staying at the airport we went with a part of our group by taxi to a nearby park with a beautiful lake, where we passed the day. In the afternoon we returned to the airport, where more members had arrived for the flight to Posadas.

When we entered the airplane there was a gorgeous sunset which I captured with some photos. In the plane a friend offered me her seat at the window so that I could take some other pictures. There was an incredible symphony of rainbow colours at the horizon which slowly turned to dark and faded away into violet-red. When we left the airplane at Posadas a warm wind brought smells of tropic air. And again some Argentinian friends gave us a warm welcome for the next part of our journey.


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  1. risa & alexis & the Esoteric Group Says:

    Greetings Ludger, thank you for this update, the photos. Our hearts joins with your hearts. All of us Divine. with love, Risa, Alexis & the Group

  2. risa & alexis & the Esoteric Group Says:

    Joining you with our hearts…love, Risa & Alexis…

  3. risa & alexis & the Esoteric Group Says:

    Ludger, I see your beautiful paintings…glowing with a luminescent light. The inner essence coming forth. Recognizing your gifts. love, Risa & Alexis…

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