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Celebrating Vaisakh Full Moon

Taurus Full Moon is approaching, a time where abundant sublime energy is available if we attune to it. This full moon is celebrated as the Vaisakh (or Wesak) Full Moon, which is also commemorated as the day of Buddha’s enlightenment. People everywhere in the world celebrate this very special moment.

The exact time (Central European Summer Time – GMT+2) is on Monday, 4 May at 05:42 am. You might do an extra effort of alignment during this time or gather for group meditations during the 18 hours before the exact full moon time. You find some more information about the Vaisakh Festival here. United with many meditators world-wide, you might use the Great Invocation in your meditation.

The Lucis Trust has just published a beautiful video about the meaning of the Wesak Full Moon.

Wesak 2015
A vision of the Buddha blessing at Vaisakh Full Moon, picture from the video (c)

The Vaisakh Valley in Tibet, behind the Mount Kailash, picture from the video (c)

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