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The Krishna Statue and the Meditating Squirrel

Last weekend on the journey home from the “CVV Sharing” meeting, I made an overnight stop at the home of Doris and Günter, which is also, up to now, the headquarters of WTT Germany in Wermelskirchen. Both friends had also been at the meeting, and since I arrived a bit earlier, I got the key of their home. The rays of a beautiful sunset shone through the windows, and so I took some “good-bye”-pics: They have sold their house and will move to a new apartment in Münster in about 2 months. I particularly love the Krishna statue in the garden – it has been inaugurated by Dr Kumar in 1997 – it was my first meeting with him. Scenes of this beautiful occasion came again to my mind.

Next morning during breakfast, a squirrel jumped around on the terrace eating from the bird fat balls. Then it stood for a while in front of the Krishna statue looking up like praying. I quickly took my camera and made a shot – just before it jumped away again.


I sent it to Tatyana, a friend. She posted it on Facebook and it collected a number of “likes”. An Indian friend, Krishna, asked me if I had more pictures of the statue – and I sent them. They also appeared on Facebook. And then he asked for pictures of the inauguration, which I just scanned. Here is the story behind:

In January 1997, Dr Kumar gave the Krishna statue to group members from Berlin to bring it to the headquarters of WTT Germany. So the statue stayed for a while in Berlin before it came to Wermelskirchen. From 22 to 27 August, 1997, there was a group living at the nearby seminar centre Grosse Ledder, where the Master spoke about “Music of the Soul“, and the magic of Krishna’s soul music. On the last day of the seminar the whole group of about 160 members was invited to participate in the inauguration of the Krishna statue. It was a radiant summer afternoon, and our children loved to jump around the many people in the garden. There was a little shrine in the middle of a small lotus pond with a beautiful crystal globe an the top. Several group members had helped to set it up. Now, everything was ready for a fire ritual, and Sri Kumar and his wife started singing mantrams – the whole group got into an ecstatic trance while we were singing “Klim Krishnaya …” for 1008 times. Then Laddus, Indian sweets, were distributed to all members and food was served – an incredible magic moment.

Soon the statue will travel to its new home near Münster. A young family will come to live at the old place and maybe feel something of the sublime vibrations which have been anchored here in space.

Several times I visited the place over the years I took again pictures of the Krishna statue. You can see them below, together with the photos of the inauguration.

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  1. Alberto Arcanio Beto Says:

    a very nice nice experience dear friend. I have had the nice oportunity of live in that house with friends Doris and Gunter in family in 1997 after inauguration. Master KPK told me and he asked to Germanies friends before. Very Nice experience in group with Krishna there per some days! NMSKRM

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