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Fascinating Experiences with Skype Study Groups

Two months ago, a young friend from Germany asked me if we could study together via Skype the book Spiritual Astrology by Master EK. The Skype study group was a very good experience and we read the book together several times a week. She reads, I explain.

Then my young friend came up with the idea to start another group study, “Music of the Soul“, also by Master EK. I very much love the book and had translated it to German in the early 90s (it is not the published version). I proposed to open the group for other members to join.

So we started an open study group, where we meet every second week on Friday evening, alternating with our little local group. We read the book in English and discuss in German. The book is very thrilling but not so easy for Westerners; friends told me they got lost in it. So reading and explaining in a group makes it much easier.

Then we opened also the study group on “Spiritual Astrology” (in German), and now we meet every Thursday evening to study . Both groups are with members from Switzerland and Germany. Both group studies were very stimulating and encouraging. And the exchange is very enriching. It is much more joyful to study the texts in a group, especially when unclear points are explained. And even though Skype sometimes gives problems with dropouts, it is possible to easily follow along with the books.

When I spoke about these study groups to an Indian friend from the States, he asked if we could also start a study group in English, on Saturdays. I proposed to study “Spiritual Psychology“, also by Master EK and mentioned it to other members from Germany, Spain and the States, and they also said they want to join. After a little pilot meeting last Saturday, we will now launch an English study group:

We will start next Saturday, 4 October. The meetings will be from 8:00 pm Central European Time (UTC + 2 summer time, UTC + 1 winter time) till 9:30 pm. (See here the corresponding time zones).

After I announced it via the WTT mailing list, quickly members from California and Oregon to Mumbai, from Danmark to Spain, and Germany joined. It is a fascinating experiment of the fusion of East and West, with people from very different backgrounds will come together.

I moderate the groups. We begin with a little guided invocation / visualisation. Then we read the text in small steps, sometimes just 1-2 sentences. Afterwards, I summarize and give some explanations, and we discuss questions or other thoughts relating to the text. I wrote a a little guideline with some more details about the group work.

If you would like to join the study group “Spiritual Psychology” (or, in German one of the other groups), let me know. Before starting, I need to include you in the Skype group, and so you have to make Skype contact with me (my Skype-ID is “good-will”, but since there are many who have good will in their names, please search me via: “Circle of Good Will” or send me an e-mail with your Skype ID). For a group mailing list I also need your e-mail address, and best also details about your location (address). Group members proposed to have a list with all the participants names and photos and some background information, so please also share these. I will inform via a mailing list, for example when a session cannot take place.

You don’t need to be a specialist – you just should be willing to participate regularly. It is OK when you stay away 1-2 times because of other obligations (the group also might pause sometimes when I’ll be away) but then you should read yourself the text which the group has read. You need the book “Spiritual Psychology” – either you get it from somewhere or I can send you an electronic version (PDF). You need a place where you can follow the study group in silence, best without external interruptions (in case of interruptions, you can just attend to the situation and join the group again). Furthermore, you need a device (computer, mobile) with Skype and a headset or any other sound system, which does not generate acoustic feedback with the other members.

The evenings of the group meetings, I will call your Skype account, whether you are there or not. We will do the meetings as audio conferences, without video.

Members have asked if each one can share a picture of himself/herself and a short remark about yourself so that it is easier to know who is in the group. So if you send it to me, I will make a document with the details and share it with the group.

If you don’t participate for a couple of times without informing me, I will take you out of the group. You can join again when your life situation allows you to attend regularly.

Sitting at the office table in contact with all over the world

5 Responses to “Fascinating Experiences with Skype Study Groups”

  1. Robert Badia Says:

    YES !
    It was a wonderful experience…
    I’m glad to see that other people around the Globe are joining !
    Thank you MASTER !

  2. Srikanth Says:


    I will be happy if the pdf copy of spiritual astrology can be sent to my email ID. I have read this divine manuscript authored by Master EK, a couple of years back, I would like to have a copy of the electronic version as well.

    If possible please forward it to me.

    Thanks and Regards,


  3. Fernando Pita Says:

    Thanks Ludger for this initiative! I will send you on a separate email my information as well as my wife.


  4. Ravee aus Muenchen Says:

    Liebe Ludger,
    Bitte nehmen meine Skype name: Yasarapu zu den spirituellen Astrologie und Spirituelle Psychologie Gruppen auf skype. Ich bin schon in dein Kontaktliste in Skype.
    Ravee aus Muenchen

  5. Susana Aquino Says:

    Thank you Ludger! If still possible I want to participate of the group for Spiritual Psicology today. My name in Skype is siquino27 NAMASKARAMS

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