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En Route to Belgium and Paris: A Meeting of Solar and Spiritual Astrology of East and West

After the solstice seminar in Billerbeck, Germany, I joint members of the Belgian WTT-group for the trip to Belgium and Paris. A beautiful summer-day ride brought us to Corroy-le-Grand, where most of the members of the group are living together in several houses on the countryside. I have been there a number of times before, I love the cordiality of the group. On their compound, they have since a few years the Centre Caducée, a therapy centre of a doctor and his wife. I slept in one of the rooms, where some welcome-flowers were at a little table. On the other side of the therapy building they had arranged a room for the group meditations. It looked to me like a chapel with a beautiful triangular mirror at the gable. A bit later, I observed Elise decorating the little altar with a careful hand:

The Centre Caducée

The triangular mirror with a glass crystal reflecting like the eye of God

Elise arranging flowers

A little later, a quarter to 9 pm, the group with Sri Kumar arrived, and there was a warm welcome. We gathered in the house, and while some of the ladies were doing the final preparations for dinner, we sat together with Sri Kumar in the living room. His conversations, always accompanied with a light smile, are very sprightly. After a spaghetti dinner we had a short night before we assembled around 5.45 for the morning meditation. And after breakfast we sat out for the tour to Paris.




The group after morning meditation

A fast highway ride brought us to Paris – and we were thrilled when we saw the Seine River with the Eiffel Tower appearing. Our hotel was just a kilometer away.


After a little noon pause in the hotel Günter and I started a bit earlier than the others for the seminar place. Günter had a larger map of the metro stations from an earlier visit to Paris, and he showed me a metro station near the Eiffel Tower which wasn’t on the small map Martine had given. We went over the Champs de Mars but didn’t find the station. So we crossed below the Eiffel Tower to another station where we saw that it would be better to continue walking to the next one… There we asked at the information desk – Günter’s map was too old, the metro was no longer working. Finally we set out to our underground trip through Paris. At one change we bumped into the group of the other members who had started later … the first Paris adventure.

Crossing under the Eiffel Tower during the first excursion

The two “Meeting of Solar and Spiritual Astrology of East and West” with Master Kumar were at a centre of the Brahma Kumaris – a hall with an entrance from a beautiful small garden. About 90 persons had gathered for the first evening. We had to wait 45 minutes for the arrival of Sri Kumar – his taxi got stuck in a traffic jam. (I had a nice talk with an elderly lady sitting next to me….) Then the conference started. Two well-known French astrologers, Fanchon Pradalier-Roy and Samuel Djian-Gutenberg gave interesting inputs to the topics “Astrology as the science of the Soul”, “What can Astrology give to the World in this time of crisis of planetary evolution?” “Which is the place of astrology in the New Age?” During the pause I was at a table where we displayed some books, leaflets and Lunar Messengers and had some short exchanges with interested visitors.

Fanchon Pradalier-Roy

Samuel Djian-Gutenberg

Then came the talk of Master Kumar – a great talk. The same sequence repeated the next day but whereas the two French astrologers gave once more the talk they had given the day before (and the visitors were told just to come for one evening), Sri Kumar continued and his inspiring talk became deeper and deeper. Below the picture you find a short extract of my notes from the second lecture.


The speakers and organisers

“It is a great opportunity to be in Paris. Paris is a global city. It is built in tune with the 7th ray energy. You see all masonic symbols on the structures of this city and many astrological symbols. Most of the old buildings have the masonic wisdom. It is well supported by the river which flows north-west. What is flowing towards the north or east are considered energies towards the spirit. Paris is the capital city of France and represents its incarnation in terms of energies.

The Eiffel Tower is a great symbol of spirituality. I may or may not but I got up every time up. 7 times it has happened. The Eiffel Tower is a great symbol of the spinal column. It has 4 pillars on the 4 directions. They represent the 4 petals of the Muladhara and from there is the upward movement structure up to Ajna where there is the headlight. And that light in the night shines forth in the night all over the city. The overviewing aspect of the human is in his Ajna centre. We also call it the throne of man. There are 2 thrones, one is in the heart and one is at the Ajna. The centre in heart is considered as the Lion’s throne, and when it is in the Ajna… When we ascend to the heart we are called Yogis and when at the Ajna we are called Raja Yogis. This means a king of Yogis. That is the goal set for humans.

Thereafter to related to the extra-terrestrial and get into the higher systems and for the higher system to get into us there is the Sahasrara, the 1000 petaled lotus. If we wish to get into the 1000 petaled lotus, we must no more relate to the world. This is Samadhi. This aspect is not yet built on the Eiffel tower. Otherwise it would get into another dimension. That is the goal set in 1889. It is a goal set for France in 1889 that the French raise in their awareness from solar plexus to Ajna. And the first step is to move to the heart and then to the Ajna. When you move up there is a middle level. The first lift takes you to the heart. The second lift takes you to a long journey via the throat to the Ajna. Staying there, closing your eyes and meditating gives the blessing. When he returns he feels the highness when he returns. Up there you are much in the light, and below there is shadow. Every day, thousands move up and come down but if you do it as a pilgrimage, it would have a different impact on all of us. Every great city is not to be seen as a tourist but as a pilgrim. The approach is as a pilgrim and for this the life has to be organised as a pilgrimage.”

The next morning our group went to the Eiffel Tower. There we met Thot and his friends who had organised the conferences. It was not possible to get group tickets any-more but we got a bunch of individual tickets. And then went up…

IMG_0319 - Kopie
On the Champs de Mars

View from below – with maintenance constructions.

Thot and Sri Kumar





Afterwards the group went for a boat ride on the Seine River and had some nice inside into the history and present times of Paris.


The second day the group visited the Louvre Palace with the famous glass pyramid. I had to leave a little earlier to catch the train to Switzerland around noon time. The others had some more sightseeing and went to the Arc de Triomphe before returning to Belgium for the continuation of the tour to Hamburg.



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