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A Summer Solstice Seminar

From 20 – 23 June, I was at the summer solstice seminar with Sri Kumar and his wife Krishna Kumari in Billerbeck, Germany. About 160 people from different countries of Europe and the USA had come to this meeting to celebrate the jubilee of 30 years WTT Germany. The group living was in a huge, beautiful hotel in the countryside surrounded by forests and meadows. The topic of the seminar was “Count St. Germain and his Teachings”; the talks were also about the spiritual importance of solstice time and the meaning of marriage.

Huge images were projected onto the walls on 3 sides of the hall. A picture of Count St Germain at the backside of the hall.

Solstice day morning when I came down from my room for morning meditation I saw through the trees the glow of the approaching sunrise. So I rushed outside and went some hundred meters along the road: a gorgeous silent spectacles with now other viewers around was about to present itself: summer solstice sunrise:




I just came back in time for the morning meditation. The seminar was very inspiring. Sri Kumar spoke among others about the preparations in a previous of the one who later became the Count of St. Germain, where he turned to a school a magic, came on the wrong path. He was transformed by encountering Krishna in a ritual he performed in order to subdue Krishna. Part of the story was known to me from the book of Master EK, “Music of the Soul” (I love this book!) but many details were revealed for the first time about the identity of Munda Kaushika. As usual, I have taken of the seminar; if you are interested, you might contact me. Here comes an extract of a lecture on summer solstice:


“Sun enters the house of Moon and this we call the month of Cancer. As he enters, Moon is your personality. Moon in Cancer, when you make an entry as Sun, you meet your personality. Moon carries the sum and essence of your past abilities and limitations. In each one of us there are certain limitations and abilities. All our abilities keep with the personality. You also bring along with you the energy of Jupiter, the teacher. When you bring along with you the Teacher, the Teacher and you together would make an excellent triangle with your personality. Then your personality would eventually and even willingly fall into your plan and the plan of your Teacher. Therefore Jupiter is said to be exalted in Cancer. This is known to many, but why is it so? Why Jupiter is exalted in Cancer?

He is the teacher and he is needed much more when we meet our personality when entering into form. Our personality takes over or even overtakes us. We behave in a particular way, when we enter into nature. We want to speak more, we don’t want to create conflicts, we want to be cordial and invite all to the group life but are not so cordial as you should be – why? Because the personality is the dominating fact. Each one is dominated by the lady in him. This domination creates more and more conflicts. It is not the lady outside but inside. The soul and the personality are the 2, man and wife. It is not set in harmony. That is what you prepared over incarnations. That is why astrology says, Moon is your past. Whatever you have done in the past, you bring it along and it is wide open to you and your nature. Over incarnations out of ignorant behaviour, we have developed a troublesome personality. It is strong. We need to associate with the strongest one, the one who can modulate and set in order any kind of energy. Any kind of energy can be regulated by Jupiter, this is, with a teacher of wisdom. When this association tends to be continuous, the energy of the teacher flows to you and what you cannot handle by yourself you are enabled by the association with the teacher. The energy of the teacher reinforces you to handle the personality; the personality cooperates with you in direct proportion with your cooperation with the teacher.

When we come to Cancer we inevitably think of the Teacher. Cancer means the association with the Teacher; that is the effort we have to do. The more you associate with the teacher the more he is helping to set the personality right. That is why in the Vedic system the month of Cancer is said to be the month of the teacher and the full moon Guru Purnima, the full moon of the Teacher. All aspirants refresh their cooperation with the Teacher. The energy of the Teacher is established with you and the angles of the triangles are set right. The two angles become 60 degrees when the 3rd angle is 60 degrees.

In India the Teacher is much more than the God himself for he is verily God in the form of the Teacher available to you through Hierarchy. Each one of us is a Sun as soul, and the Moon we carry is the sum total of the past experiences. Ascendant is the program for this life. No one needs to tell us what our personality is; we look inside and see our disabilities and transform them into abilities with the help of the Teacher. You cannot relate to a Teacher if you don’t relate to the teachings of the Teacher.”


Other highlights besides the talks of Sri Kumar were the celebration of the 30th anniversary of WTT Germany, a concert of eastern and western musicians, a fire ritual and the ceremony of the marriage of Jannes and Paula. I couldn’t take pictures of all the events since the battery of my camera broke down and I had no charger. But here are some more impressions.







And besides the many parts of the program I enjoyed very much the encounters with friends, the talks and the walks through the beautiful countryside – a very intense time full of light and joy.

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