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An Incident about Spirituality and Seriousness

Last week during the meeting with Sri Kumar and the WTT Executive Board, there was a short sequence of conversation which this morning came again to my mind:

I told Sri Kumar that I had several Skype and email exchanges with a doctor who is very much interested in meeting him during Sri Kumar’s tour to Europe. I said, “He is also engaged in the (XX) School and very seriously committed to the spiritual path.”

Sri Kumar replied, “Yes, there are many students of this school very serious with spirituality and I have first to get them away from their seriousness. Without joyfulness, not much can be done on the path.” And he looked at me with his soft, smiling glance.

A day after the talk, Sri Kumar arrived at Spain, Barcelona Airport, 6 June 14 – picture of a friend

2 Responses to “An Incident about Spirituality and Seriousness”

  1. Dinakar Says:

    Typical response.
    If you would have said ‘a friend will be happy to meet you’, would he have told ‘is he serious?’ ? 🙂

  2. Flowers on the Wayside Says:

    It seems to be a casual reply in the style you mention – for me it had a profound message and I understood only too well what he meant – from many past encounters.

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