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Homoeo-Help, Planetary Healing Work, Cows and Temples

Saturday evening we went to see the oldest homoeo dispensary of the WTT, which in the course of the last 30 years has developed to a multi-service centre organising homoeopathic help and training for thousands of people, not only in the city of Visakhapatnam but also at various rural areas. Besides homoeo-help they are organising feeding and distribution of clothes to the poor and meditation and ritualistic work in the upper floors of the centre. A number of doctors and certified homoeopaths takes care of running this substantial volunteer service activity.

Records of all the cases are kept in books in the centre

Sri Kumar explains the activities of the centre and presents to us the persons in charge.

Sunday morning we had another fire ritual in the garden of his house and later we went to the Planetary Healing Centre Harmony at the coast road north of Visakhapatnam. It has been constructed 18 years ago with the inspiration of Sri Kumar – and it is my favourite place here, a little green spiritual paradise in a beautiful surrounding. We sat around an old statue of Lord Maitreya under the Cashew trees and listened to the lecture of Sri Kumar



Kumari Garu

After the lecture we assembled inside the healing centre for a silent meditation while the sound of OM, which is continually played in the centre vibrated in the air.


The agate stone in the centre

After lunch we went to the beach – a fantastic long sandy beach without any other persons – and had a swim in the waves.



The Planetary Healing Centre

Afterwards we continued to Ramadri, a site where the WTT has developed an area with a free school for poor children of the surroundings, a number of small temples and a cow service station. The milk is distributed to the children and to poor people

The book of the cow service centre

The cows and view of the ocean

We enjoyed for a while the beautiful site overlooking the Bay of Bengal and then joined for an evening meditation, while the stars were coming out and the day changed for the night.

Before evening meditation in the little amphitheatre with view over the ocean

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