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Paintings for the New Solar Year and for Aries

For this month I did two paintings. The first one was done already in November, for the Guru Poojas, but I decided to publish it only for the beginning of the new solar year with spring equinox.

Lifting-up the Earth to the Kings of Beauty

11 November 2012, A 5, pencils, crayons and photo work

This painting arose inwardly after a meditation, while I was thinking about the Guru Pooja, an annual celebration in India in honour of the great Masters of Wisdom in the month of Capricorn.
Capricorn is the dawn of the year, where in the Northern hemisphere the days start to get longer again and the movement of the spirit is rising up from matter.
In the greater cycles the earth is on the way to rise from the dense physical planes to subtler realms, and the energies of the New Age are helping to “lift up the earth to the Kings of Beauty”, as it says in the 5th stanza of the Great Invocation.
For the picture I took a photo of an eagle, symbol of the rising spirit. I transformed it to this etheric blue eagle rising above the earth. Its wings are integrated into the lower part of the symbol of the Holiest of the Holy, the circle with the square and the cross. On the upper part I integrated the picture of Lord Maitreya, the head of Spiritual Hierarchy. The top of the square is at the Ajna centre of Lord Maitreya, the bottom at the heart centre of the eagle. The left and right wings touch the left and right points of the square.
In the background I placed a photo of a gorgeous sunrise over the Mediterranean Sea which I took this summer in Spain at Tossa de Mar after morning meditation, seen from the meditation room of the house of a friend. I enlarged the sun – the colours were so splendid. I placed several layers of the centre of the sun into the centre of the symbol, the greater sun forming thus the body of Lord Maitreya and the smaller sun his heart centre, from where he pours out his energy of Love all over the planet – depicted in the rose colours all over the blue of the planet.
You see three circles of the sun – at the very centre, of the size of the physical sun, as seen from our planet; then the larger sun filling the square of the symbol, representing the heart of the sun; and finally, the ring at the circumference and beyond the circle, symbolising the spiritual sun.

The picture illustrates the lift-up, about which K. Parvathi Kumar spoke at a seminar on Scorpio in 2005. The directions are points in the outside as well as in our inner:

“In Raja Yoga, the grand Masters sitting in the North-East pull us up. That is the lift-up. ‘May He lift up the Earth!’ They lift up the Earth from North-East. North-East is the junction point between Absolute God and God as Light. It is that point where darkness is transformed into light. In the Raja Yoga practice, you visualise the Masters at the North-East, at the top of your forehead, and seek their help, so that you are pulled up to that state of awareness. In Hatha Yoga practice, the help of these grand Teachers is sought for a push up. They can push you up or they can pull you up.”

30 November 2012, A 5, pencils, crayons and photo work

This image grew inside with the impulse of illustrating the enormous pressure of today’s society and its influence in the transformation process. There was immediately the visualisation of a volcano, symbol of throwing out matter from the inside through a fiery process of high pressure. And a diamond, as nature’s most brilliant result of a transformation process through pressure. It is meant as an allegoric illustration and not a presentation of a scientific process.
For the glowing magma chamber I first took pictures at my former place of work during the last days of my stay, but they were too static and not well suited to illustrate everyday pressure.
I then thought of the underground corridors and shopping passages at the central station of Berne. I went there, stood in the stream of people and took pictures. Some people looked at me a bit irritated. A shot with a running businessman and a traveller phoning and rushing by with his suitcase were the ideal pics. I fused them together, mounted a collage constructed by three volcanos and in the gorge of the volcano a fire-flow of the shape of a flying serpent or an angel and topped it by two diamonds, one enlarged in different layers. Since the diamond structure looked too mineral in its composition, I added in the background a picture of a rose flower of an echinopsis cactus.
Working on the picture with coloured pencils I created the glow of the “magma chamber”, the lava flows and the diamond on the top. Then, back to the computer, I intensified the colours to their right luminosity.
The idea illustrated in the picture is well described in the following extract from “Esoteric Psychology I” by Alice A. Bailey:
“The mineral kingdom marks the point of unique condensation. This is produced under the action of fire and by the pressure of the “divine idea.” Esoterically speaking, we have, in the mineral world, the divine Plan hidden in the geometry of a crystal, and God’s radiant beauty stored in the colour of a precious stone. The goal of the universal concept is seen when the jewel rays forth its beauty. If you could study the hidden processes which go on under the influence of fire, you would enter into the secret of initiation. When the day comes when the history of the mineral kingdom can be grasped by the illumined seer, he will then see the long road that the diamond has travelled, and – by analogy – the long road that all sons of God traverse, governed by the same laws and unfolding the same consciousness.”

2 Responses to “Paintings for the New Solar Year and for Aries”

  1. V.V.B.S.MURTHY Says:

    Namaskarams Master!

    Namasthe Sir,
    the first picture of MASTER LORD MAITREYA has come so very well with all other depictions and I could get he depth and meaning of it. Where as for the second one, I may require more knowledge and information to grasp the depth of it.
    thanks you very much for the same and with great regards,

  2. Flowers on the Wayside Says:

    Namaskarams Master
    Dear Sir
    The image illustrates the pressure of everyday life (scenes from the main station and the volcano) and the growth of inner power / spiritual awareness, symbolised by the diamond.
    I’m not able at the moment to give you more details, I’ll be away the next days.

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