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A Solemn Moment at the Printing House

Today was a very important moment for me: I got a phone call from the printing office that I could pick up the pictures. They had produced 36 prints of my paintings with a special technique in A2 format and some in A3. I blogged about my “Experiments with Pictures” mid-November. Last Thursday I already had been in the print shop to control the prints, and then they had to be wrapped for transportation. I was thrilled about the good quality and the luminosity of the colours. It had been a long way while searching the right method with quite some waste producing.

So I took the car to pick up the paintings. It was heavily raining. When I saw the ready-packed pictures it was a solemn moment for me, though in the print-shop it probably was “business as usual”.

Walking through the basement of the printing office

The graphic designer who had accompanied the process putting the pictures on the forklift…

… and then into the car

At home on the sofa, ready for unpacking

Phoenix out of the ashes: the first of my “Fiery Paintings” done in September 1981, destroyed in 1997, now restored from a photo to its original beauty. It’s the only one of the old paintings I got produced now.

Unpacking and storing: though the photo doesn’t show, the quality of the colours is and the production is very neat.


2 Responses to “A Solemn Moment at the Printing House”

  1. julie oxford Says:

    Hooray for you!! At long last, a lasting treasure…

  2. Flowers on the Wayside Says:

    Yes, and today I hang up some of the pictures in the living room and put away an old one – a new feeling 🙂

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