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The Circle of the Journey Closing

Wednesday my forces had quite well recovered from the 3 days of “inner cleansing”. So we could start our journey back to Barcelona / Matadepera as planned. When we wanted to start I saw that our navigation device which I had put under the seat had been crashed by moving the seat. It only showed the map, there was no way of programming the course… Fortunately we had a map of Spain and a more detailed one Catalonia. Ignacio explained the best way out of Madrid and so we set off.

The countryside was arid and for some time the highway went through a desert. At a point there was a sign saying we were just crossing the 0 meridian of the longitude of Greenwich. We hadn’t been aware that we had been so much to the south-west.

We managed quite well to find our way through the labyrinth of streets in the outskirts of Barcelona. When arriving at the house of Aurora and Josep their youngest son who was playing music with some friends in the garage told us that we were invited to come that night to the house of Josep P. and Fabiola for dinner, together with Aurora and Josep. Without a navigation it wouldn’t be possible to go there – so Josep P. picked us up. We know each other since many years. Josep is about my age, but now retired from a job in a bank – and free for other work. He is an old theosophist and since many years in the WTT. Already in the car Josep told me about his publication work for Ediciones Dhanishta and his theosophical work, which he later showed me in his home – a simple apartment in the centre of Sabadell. We had a fascinating talk about experiences and researches.

In the meanwhile Fabiola had prepared the dinner and our other friends had arrived. And while the others were enjoying their dinner I kept to a diet, not to fall back into diarrhoea…

Early yesterday morning we set out on our journey back to Switzerland. While we were leaving Spain and the Mediterranean region I felt the circle of our journey closing – filled with intense experiences and exchanges – and gratitude. There had been many enriching encounters – the deeper ones couldn’t find expression in the blog.

Like always on long journey we were listening to audio-books from the library on the highway – we had a smooth flow, while on the other side of the road there had been several jams due to accidents. We felt grateful towards our guardian angels.

3 Responses to “The Circle of the Journey Closing”

  1. Julie Oxford Says:

    Your angels are indeed watching over you and Cyrille. Thank you for sharing this very interesting tour. Amazing stuff happens in the company of light.

  2. Flowers on the Wayside Says:

    Indeed, there was an astonishing guidance, and some of the more interesting things had to be kept out of the blog due to respect of privacy.

  3. V V B S MURTHY Says:

    Sir, Namasthe!
    May I have an opportunity to meet you? I am residing in Mumbai India. If you plan to visit India next and do make plan to visit to Mumbi so that I can have meeting with you . It is very difficult for me to come to your place with all documents planning and expenses.
    thnks and regrds

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