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Mediterranean Beauty

The next stage of our journey brought us to Tossa de Mar, a small town at the Mediterranean coast. It wasn’t easy to find the house with the of our friend Dona, which was built on the slope of a mountain. Small crooked alleyways full of parked cars were mounting like serpents – and we had to go backward a distance out of a dead end to finally find the location. Dona gave us a small welcome and showed us the apartment. A gorgeous view opened – the bay with the little harbour and an old church and castle opened before us.

For over 2 years Dona was now living at this place in former holiday house of her family, having left behind her old life. She had been a lawyer and had gone through a profound zero point, starting then a “new incarnation”. She now is an Ayurvedic massage specialist, a homoeopath and a healer.

Bottles of massage oils

I know her now for a decade; mostly we met at the seminars of the WTT in India. Sitting at the lunch table on the terraceĀ  we had a long and fascinating talk together. Last year she had done a pilgrimage to Mount Kailash and in 2010 another to the Kumbha Mela, a big gathering of pilgrims and saints in Hardwar, and she told us about her experiences.

Kailash and a seagull in the living room

Buddha blessing us from the book shelf

Dona said to us that her Indian homoeopathic teacher, Dr. Rao from Visakhapatnam, with whom she is in regular contact, just told her that today they celebrate Ganesha’s birthday. So we enjoyed seeing a Ganesha ceramic in the form of a swastika on the balcony.

The temperature was suffocating, about 38 degrees – normally it should be colder in August, but a warm wind is bringing these temperature from the Sahara desert. We all the more enjoyed a fresh bath in the Mediterranean after the evening meditation. And at the dinner tables our fascinating talks continued.

The night was short, and after the morning meditation we got the present of a magnificent sunrise where the colours were continuously changing.Dona later showed me pictures of sunrises she did on the days of spiritual festivals – an incredible display of Mother Nature’s beautiful veils. Due to some changes in the plans of our journey which we came to know we will stay a bit longer here in this serene atmosphere.

Sunrise this morning over the harbour of Tossa

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