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Dancing Angels, an Enchanted Forest, Old Olive Trees and Singing Bowls

Yesterday morning some friends had come for the morning meditation and breakfast, followed by sitting together and talking. In the later morning we went to a nearby village to the house of Teja, an artist whom I met in India in January. She wanted to show me her works – a world of angels and subtle energies, thought she doesn’t give explanations to her paintings, the speak their own language. So also no comments from my side. The photos, however, don’t give adequate presentations of the subtle shades of white, pink, violet and gold (leaves).

At noon other friends from the group of Olot arrived and the afternoon quickly passed by filled with talks.

In the evening after meditation Reyes, an engineer who also had been with us in India, invited me to come to his house. But first he wanted me to show Les Estones – an enchanted treasure of Nature. He told me that for him it is the most beautiful point of the whole area and filled with fairies, and though it was.

A fairy on an information board at the entrance of the Les Estunes forest

There are deep crevices in the ground created by natural processes, and trees are growing from out of the holes.

You can walk through the canyon-like crevices which partly are very small

Looking up to the forest above

The entrance of the ravine

A tree growing through a crevice

We meditated for a while, merging with the silence and the majesty of the place

Tree and rock fusing

An enchanted castle of light

A huge tree at the corner of the forest said to be a special power spot

Afterwards Reyes took me on a small mountain dedicated to St Martyrius, the patron of Banyoles Рthough it seemed to me that the church used an old ritual place and integrated it into their religious  framework. There were the foundation walls of an old chirch and a stone table like an altar on which 3 youngsters were sitting.

View to the Pre-Pyrenees

Old olive trees – and also almond trees where we took some fresh almonds

View over the Lake Estany where we had been swimming the day before

Finally Reyes took me to his home. After showing me the different rooms of the house we arrived in the prayer and treatment room in orange colour. He explained to me that he is doing some energy lattice calibration technique working with sound and if I would like to have a treatment. Of course I said yes and laid myself down of the floor. He took some tuning forks, set them to motion and moved them over my energy centres of the body, stimulating them with the sound vibrations. Then he starting creating sounds with huge glass bowls and intonated sounds. A powerful vibration filled the room creating a deep relaxing movement in my body. He said he felt some blockages in one part which he stimulated for removal.

Singing glass bowls

When he brought me back I still felt the vibration going on in my inner.

The others were just preparing dinner – late, as usual in Spain. And then I had a look at some horoscopes and we talked until the eyes were calling for sleep.


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