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The Story of Prince Rama as a Traditional Animation Film

A friend sent me the link to an Indo-Japanese traditional animation film from 1992, based on the ancient Sanskrit epic The Ramayana. The hero of the epic by sage Valmiki is Lord Rama, venerated as the seventh avatar of Vishnu. According to Indian tradition, the Ramayana takes place during a period of time known as Treta Yuga, the second of the four ages, a long time before our present age.

It is the English-dubbed version with Hindi songs. Even if you don’t have time to see the entire story, you might like to go through the videos.

Part One

Part Two

3 Responses to “The Story of Prince Rama as a Traditional Animation Film”

  1. Julie Oxford Says:

    Fabulous! I feel privileged to be able to see this version. They have made the story beautiful and the message honorable. Thanks for sharing this, Ludger!


  2. siri Says:

    oh wie cool!!!!!

  3. Rosa Fernandez Says:

    Thanks so much Ludger!

    Great version of Ramayana.
    Very timely for me. Lately I have been mooved and inspired about the story of Hannuman and Rama.


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