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Magic and Miracles

If you would like to see some outstanding magical performances, have a look at the following videos from Dynamo, a British magician. Excellent, how he performs them at the outside.

But at the same you might realise how they differ from “miracles” done by Masters like Master CVV resurrecting people from death etc. The magical show is just showing phenomena, but the real miracle is the transformation and upliftment of other souls.

In the first video you see Dynamo walking on water and the people are looking aghast. When miracles happened with Jesus, the people told him, you are God. But he used to tell them that he is not God, but a son of God, and that all the people are sons of God. The priests were very much scared and angry about him… The people gathered to see his miracles but not to experiencing his love and his teachings – just very few were interested in the essence. Master CVV said, “Expect not miracles from me. Accept patience and work out every step.”

Walking on the River Thames

Levitating another person

Overcoming gravity

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  1. Fred Says:

    Is Jesus not overshadowed by Maitreya and used Maitreya not Krishna`Avatar-Vehikel? So with Krishna`s Avatarvehikel one could do superhuman deeds.

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