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Visit to Rajahmundry

Saturday we just had a morning lecture – the next to last one – and then packing for our 2.5 days trip to Rajahmundry and surroundings.

Looking out of the bus – the poster of our group living

Navaneetam, Uma and Ravishankar, our Indian friends

At 3 pm our three busses started for the 5 hs trip. We had a joyous time in the bus, with some rhythmic music giving the soundtrack to the “cinema” outside – street scenes with little shops, families squashed into Tucktucks or on scooters, colourful trucks with a lot of smoke. And here and there a little pause. A superb sunset between two hills. while we were having a coffee break.

Sri Kumar and Kumari joined us for the coffee break

Sunset on the highway

At about 9 o’clock we arrived at the building of the WTT in Rajahmundry. It was my 3rd visit – at the first one in 2008 the 4 storey house was still under construction. Now they have completed everything, with a huge dining hall at the ground floor, a a prayer hall of the same size at the first floor, and another big hall, where we passed our night on mattresses.
A warm welcome at the centre

Serving the dinner

At dinner table

Morning meditation

A picture of Rishi Agastya / Master Jupiter on the altar

A big statue of Master CVV on the top of the building


Sunday morning after meditation, while the others were preparing for the bath in the river, I went up to the roof of the house where there is a big statue of Master CVV – and from behind the morning sun started unfolding its glory. Aquarius new moon day or, according to the lunar calendar they use here, Capricorn new moon.

We went to the Ghats, the place at the Godavari River where the pilgrims take their bath. The whole area is full of temples of different movements. We put off our clothes, and then entered into the warm river. An incredible atmosphere. I swam out into the large river and at some place where I could stand, I started greeting the sun singing the Gayatri mantram, the song to the inner sun behind the physical sun. Others joined and so we stood there for a while in the river, absorbed in the beauty of the ambiance. – no pics while swimming 🙂

At Rajahmundry there are big pilgrimage gatherings. Whereas in Varanasi/Benares there is a big Kumbha Mela each time Jupiter passes through Aquarius every 12 years, here there is a Kumbha Mela each time when Jupiter passes through Leo.

After the bath we returned to the centre for breakfast.

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