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Signs of the Divine Mother

After the Lalitha Pooja Navaneetam addressed the assembly introducing the publication of Lalitha Sahasranama:

The words of the Lalitha Pooja, the he 1000 names of the World Mother, were now published in 10 volumes. Sri Kumar and his wife have worked on it for a long time, besides all their other duties. Kumari-Garu received the dictations every morning after morning prayer for many years. So it was she to present the cassette with all the 10 volumes, – the 10th volume being just published. – all in Telugu But she didn’t say anything.

The cassette with the books in the hands of my neighbour, Mr. Murthi

The Sri Yantra on top of the cassette – symbol of the divine Mother

Sri Kumar then told us, “At home she speaks and here I speak. Some time ago she said, even if I sit on the dais I won’t say anything.” and so it was…

Here are some extracts from his talk – it touched me deeply.
“I have the feeling that a heavy weight fell from my heart, the description of all the 1000 names of the Mother is a great fulfillment in my life. My wife has shared all aspects in my life, it is like a shadow always being with me, so the Master has lead us together, not also at home doing all together, but also she participated in all responsibilities. …

The day we finished the 1000 names Kumari was in a limitless ecstasy, full of joy. We happened to be alone in the house. … Every work that has to be done at home Kumari always does with me, she is always available. Especially for this work she is always cooperative. All these book.s The yantra, the mandala of the Mother, can be seen in the 10th volume.

In the 10th volume there is something from the past and the present. I never forget my birth place, I was born in Vijayawada, and the name I received Parvathi Kumar. They first wanted to call me Parvathi Sastri… (or so..), but my uncle from the mother’s side said, don’t call him Sastri and all this. He proposed Parvathi Kumar. This lead to this name. I like Kanaka Durga, the goddess of Vijayawada. While I wrote the book, while I was doing the exams I had high fever. I went to the temple of the mother, I told the mother that it is very important to pass this exam, I am born at this place and got your name. I had no more a father, only a mother, like Hercules, so I said to the mother in the temple. I told the Mother, if you regard me as your son, you will let me pass through the exam. If yes, you let me pass through the exam. I started writing the exam, the fever went down and I passed the exam. Since then I knew that the family relation with the Mother is there….

In the 10th part of Lalitha Sahasranama I published a picture of Master EK. I normally didn’t speak about it. When in Europe he told me to speak, but I told him, no I sit in the back and you speak. I was like this in my childhood, but he said, no, you speak. In my childhood I didn’t want that my father showed my horoscope to people, but he continued to do so. Our past comes to us as our future, according to what we did in the past comes as our future, so why do we need a chart. Then the Master asked for my horoscope, and I smiled: I never give my chart to anyone, but then I nevertheless gave it to the Master, and it even had been published what the Master said.
Sometimes Kumari has also proposed corrections in my dictations and said, this sentence is not so good, and she said, please dictate it anew, and so it happened….”

The photo of Kumari in the 10th volume of the Lalitha Sahasranama

The time rushed by in an incredible speed. In the afternoon after our palm forest nap there was a little concert going on in the hall. And then already the final evening prayer and the talk of Sri Kumar on the second labour of Hercules, revealing very deep new aspects of symbolisms. And then the closing ceremony of the traditional worship of the feet of the teacher, with the heart-stirring sounds of the Guru Padukam and other hymns, while all members present came to the front. Very intense moments.
Although it was my 12th Guru Pooja, it was so different this time, clear and calm.

But it was not just a “paradise on earth” – the laptop of a Spanish lady had been stolen in the lecture hall and also the camera of a Spanish friend who traveled with us last year… The guards at the entrance cannot control everybody who tries to enter from the outside…

Then the “last supper” and back to the bus. But our driver was lying there in the bus, drunk. So we had to go to another bus. I took one going to the Spanish apartment, via a bumpy road. The moon was hanging low in its 7th descending phase. And when we came along the oceanside, there was such a romantic view with the silver lights on the surface… Very tired but happy I dropped into my bed.

The Guru Padukam worship at the end of the Guru Poojas

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