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A Dissolution

Since the centre of WTT-Global in Einsiedeln, Switzerland will be dissolved in a few weeks – life lead the members who lived there to other places – I agreed to take all the books (English and German) to our home, while a member of our group will take care of the book orders. So yesterday I went to Einsiedeln to fetch the books.

The morning started with a glowing dawn, but later on the highway fog gathered and nearly the whole ride the weather was very grey.  When I took the way up the mountain to Einsiedeln, the clouds opened and a beautiful clear sky showed up.

In the centre there were already some boxes filled with books, and some more to be packed.

I first went around to take some final pics of the rooms which since February 2006 had served as headquarters.

The entrance

A picture of young Parvathi Kumar

A picture of Gayatri with a reflection of a window, like the opening into another dimension

A flower of peacock feathers

The outside of the building – not very attractive to me, but I liked the inner side.

A friend from the group then came and helped me packing the books and I took a TV for her into my car.

When both cars were filled, we did a good-bye meditation in the room where I had had several talks with Sri Kumar over the last years and where the executive board had often met.

It was a silent adieu, I won’t see the rooms again, and they will soon be emptied, and a family with 3 children will live there.

Afterwards I drove a bit around the nearby lake Sihlsee and visited friends, a couple living nearby on a mountain. It was a hearty exchange. The sun was hot like in summer.

Tomatoes on the balcony.

Back home again I carried the heavy boxes into our basement, emptied them and arranged the books on the shelves.

The whole journey made me think of the story in HPB’s Secret Doctrine, where there is a narrative how, at the end of a creation a certain group of beings, the Shisya, transport the seeds of wisdom through the dissolution state called Pralaya to a new creation…. I asked myself how the many good and inspiring books might find their ways to seekers who could make a good use of them. For the moment they slumber in the basement of our home. Time will show how things will work out. Always after a sunset and a night a new dawn will come.

2 Responses to “A Dissolution”

  1. Sanath Says:

    Hi Ludger, I am able feel it, the way you narrated. Nostalgic. I remember our visit during the May Call centenary. It was full of energies and now that it is according to MASTER’s WILL, obvious that it is an opening to a new beginning

  2. Flowers on the Wayside Says:

    Hi Sanath, yes, nostalgic, but at the same time knowing that the work goes on and allows new forms of expression, by the Will of the Master. Next year there will again be a tour for the Indian brotherhood after May Call, might be the last one in the West.

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