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Day Nineteen: Spiritual Symbols Seen Everywhere

Yesterday morning we left the house of our friends in the high north of Germany and went a little south to the coast of the North Sea. Since a friend in Hamburg told us that she will be away when we will be near, we decided to pass two nights in a guest-house at the little harbour in Tönning and to enjoy a little visit pause.

The red guest-house in the background at the harbour.

I noticed that when you see the surrounding with an open eye, you find spiritual symbols and meanings everywhere. In the night the moon in its 4th descending phase shone through the window, and in the morning the water in the harbour was low – ebb time. The tides directly show the rhythm of nature. The little boats remind of the journey of life. Directly in front of the harbour there is the Eider river which is about to enter into the ocean – from boundaries to the boundless.

A boat passing the exist of the little harbour and going on the Eider river towards the sea. View from the window of our room in the guest-house.

There were rain-showers coming from the sea nearly every half an hour, bringing back the purified water from the ocean – re-entering into the cycle of water.

Dark clouds coming from the sea. At the far horizon wind turbines making use of the breeze to produce electricity.

The seagulls were enjoying the wind, nearly standing at a place in the strong breeze only slowly advancing.

The seagulls – symbols of the souls

In the little town of Husum you find a fountain with a statue of a woman with a row – a sign of working with the flow of life.

Next to the fountain there is a house with a white unicorn, another symbol of the soul:

The white unicorn observing the people below.

And in the shop window there was a poster with another unicorn.

The beautiful unicorn in the shop window, surrounded by some window reflections

In Tönning you find many small houses, often built in the 18th century – creating some individualised space from out of the large surrounding space. The gables are like steps towards heaven.

The Cosmic Law keeps all in a good balance. A figure of Justice with the balance

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