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Day Seventeen: Astro-Talks and a Touch of Far-Away Countries

After some rainy days Saturday started with sunshine – a warm day announced already early in the morning. Our cordial visit ended after morning meditation and a talk after breakfast. In earlier years our friend had worked as a diver. Married to a professional diver she could tell of a number of fascinating undersea experiences, with TV and research diving. After diving in the outer her life turned to deeper dives into the inner, from encounter groups to meditation and methods of healing….

A 1.5 hours trip brought us yesterday from Lübeck to Kiel, another harbour city at the Baltic Sea from where ferries go to Scandinavian countries and cruise ships to anywhere in the world. We had arranged a meeting with a friend in a restaurant next to the Baltic Sea Quay. Our friend had been living in Munich and had come to Kiel because of a job she had found there. She is a good astrologer, and so we took our charts with us and had a long talk about Saturn and Uranus, Lilith and Moon Nodes 🙂

In the background the ships were passing by – and a touch of far-away countries was in the air.

A view from our table at the restaurant

Walking along the Baltic Sea Quay

Later in the afternoon we continued our ride through North Friesland towards a little village near the North Sea where a family of friends is living.


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