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Day Thirteen and Fourteen: E-Biking and Morning Mood

Yesterday afternoon while my wife was out for an exchange with  friend, the friend where we are passing these days took me out on a tour with an e-bike. We went along a small river, fields and forests to a little idyllic moor lake with some boat rentals. We sat on the board of the lake and talked for a while.

Crossing a little river

One of the boat rentals

On the way home the battery went down (it wasn’t full) and so I had to pedal a bit harder.

In the evening the husband returned home. He is a bike specialist and works as a consultant in bike development situations. He had been at a meeting where they were discussing how the legal regulations can cope with all the effects of the new forms of electric mobility. He told me about the difficulties arising out of the e-bike boom – organisation of battery wast disposal, of traffic regulations, of forming technicians for the maintenance and regulating this formation, of discussions ins whose area the work with e-bike falls – electricians, engineers, bike specialist… He explained the difficulties with the development of e-mobility meeting similar problems like with the upcoming of automobiles 100 years ago when the cars were there, but you had to buy petrol in small bottles from the pharmacies…

Other fascinating talks followed in the evening.

On the terrace

In the early morning I enjoyed again doing my yoga asanas on the terrace looking at the ancient church which the Church had sold some years ago. Now there are concerts and other social activities in the old building. In the evening we had observed a young kestrel sitting above the windows of the church.

View from the terrace during early morning asanas

We had a beautiful morning meditation and breakfast together and soon will start for the next part of our journey. Here are some more impressions from inside the rooms.

Orchids in early morning light

Buddha meditating under the orchids

Paper dove flying through the room

Angel enjoying the morning in front of the image of a Madonna from Austria

Another angel with a candle in front of a picture of Nicholas Roerich

A Buddha and a lingam in front of a picture of Roerich

The golden Buddha meditating

Ganesha with the Cosmic Egg

Krishna playing some morning music on his flute

Gandhi smiling from the shelves

Ganesha blessing with a lotus


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