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Day Four: Exchanges and Enjoying

In the morning I had a long talk with my friend about dealing with emotional wounds.

Dawn in the kitchen

All of us have encountered different situations from early childhood on where we have formed different convictions, like a feeling of being rejected by others, of not being loved by the mother, or many similar experiences. Later we interpret situations along beliefs formed on these experiences, and we create situations that confirm these beliefs. And we then believe that it is true, without recognizing that these beliefs are just there to teach us that we have to work on something in our biography. We become victims of our creeds and normally see the cause for the related situations in others.  We try to hide our uncertainties behind concepts and convictions. You have to consciously go through the related experiences to be able to let them go.

It is important not to hide behind facades, be it spiritual ones or other forms. it is a long process of self-discovery.

Later another friend had a look at my chart and gave me some interesting insights. After a beautiful lunch in the garden we had a walk through the nearby countryside, and then we returned for evening meditation followed by a water ritual.

The end of the water ritual

In the evening we met with the group of friends in the house of the daughter for dinner in the garden and a beautiful evening under a high sky.

The “Japanese Garden”

Some impressions:

Ganesha blessing from a corner

Buddha in deep contemplation

Krishna playing his lovely flute music

A Chinese statue of a disciple holding his teacher on the arm

Buddha meditating on world peace

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