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A Story about Compassion

Last week I received a nice spiritual story in Spanish containing a profound truth:

“At a remote place in the east there was once an ascetic who reached a high grade of spiritual discernment after long years of spiritual practice. He had a young pupil of 8 years.

One morning the ascetic looked at the pupil’s face and saw that in a few months the boy will die. He was sad about this circumstance and he told the pupil he should visit his parents during a certain time: “Don’t return soon. Stay with them some time.” the ascetic told him because he felt that the boy should be accompanied by his family in the moment of death.

His surprise was very great when after three months he saw the pupil returning. He looked into his face with intensity and he saw that the boy would live until an advanced age. Then he said to the boy, “Please tell me in detail all that happened to you while you were away. ”

The boy told him in all detail what had happened to him –  crossing towns, rivers, fields and mountains. “One day,” the pupil said “I arrived at a stream that was overflowing because of the strong rain in the mountains. While I tried to cross it carefully, I observed a colony of ants on a small mound amid the stream that was about to be swept away by the water. I felt compassion for them, I took a big branch of a tree and I made a bridge from the mound to the mainland, holding the branch strongly until all the ants had crossed. Then I continued my way.”

Then the old ascetic started to understand that this act of compassion was the reason why God had prolonged his pupil’s life.

Acts of compassion can change our destiny for the better, just like a disrespectful attitude towards the Universal Law can have an unfavorable impact on our destiny.”

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5 Responses to “A Story about Compassion”

  1. sébastien Says:

    is the number of years’ life increased at proportion of the many ants saved?
    Anyway, this “master” had to be teached by his pupil…

  2. V V B S MURTHY Says:

    A great story – compassion and forgiveness change the lives of people without their knowledge. Since we live in delusion/illusion or Maya we forget all that and take all defensive attitudes which are favourable for us which should not be correct. One has to see within himself, check twice, thrice understand the events that have occurred, do not forget the persons helped, assisted him in his life and in return he has to give back without any selfishness. Then God will forgive him.
    Thats how the compassion and forgiveness work.

  3. Dinakar Says:

    It reminded me of this story:

  4. Flowers on the Wayside Says:

    @Sébastien: Sri Kumar explained once that grace knows no reason – other than our mental concepts and conclusions. The pupil didn’t have the intention to teach his teacher, but just told what happened. And the teacher learned that there are things happening out of divine grace which cannot be foreseen even by subtle wisdom.

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