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Here and Now

A friend sent tonight a nice text in Spanish. I translated it with the help of a translation software and some “polishing”:

There was once a student who asked his teacher: “Where should I look for enlightenment?”
Teacher: “Here”.
Student: “And when will it take place?”
Teacher: “It is taking place right now.”
Student: “Then, why don’t I get it?”
Teacher: “Because you don’t look.”
Student: “And in what should I look for it?”
Teacher: “In anything. You simply look.”
Student: “To look what?”
Teacher: “Anything where you settle your eyes.”
Student: “And should I look somehow special?”
Teacher: “No. It will be enough the way you usually look.”
Student: “But don’t I always look usually?”
Teacher: “No.”
Student: “Why?”
Teacher: “Because to look you have to be here and now, and there you ‘are’ hardly ever.”

To meditate is to be aware of what is happening at each instant, without judging it, with a total acceptance of each present moment. It is to learn how to see that that “it is” as it is, simply. We don’t realize, but when we look to the world, we don’t see it such and as it is really, what we see is what “we think” of it.

Reflection of the sun in water. Our mind is reflecting the reality and so we don’t see it as it is, but as we perceive it with the mind.

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