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Art at the Water

At the moment there is an art exhibition in our village along the Aare river called Art at the Water (Kunst am Wasser). Over a distance of about 20 km there are different art installations. (The photo book about the Aare has also been realised in the context of this project.) Here are some impressions from this afternoon.

The Aare has plenty of water at the moment

On the old wooden bridge in the background there are some posters with poems

A mobile of driftwood at a waterfall next to the river

A red “lotus” in a pond

The magic flower

Some bubble installation in a pond

Metal tubes floating above a river producing sound with the wind

The floating tubes

Visitors of the exhibition

Quotations from a poet on straw bales along the river

A beautiful little restaurant, “Jägerheim”, where we had a cup of tea

A well at the river

Thistle flowers

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  1. turpin f rançoise Says:

    tres jolie mersi mon aminamaste

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