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Opening of Surprising Vistas

Sometimes time seems to open a door for just a short moment,where you can walk through and meet a special constellation. If you are awake you can use it and experience the gift of that situation. This week I had this experience 2-3 times where things took an interesting turn, offering once an opportunity for growth in a very short time frame I could use well, once a surprising encounter and once  a fulfilling meeting. These situations come up unexpectedly and leave a mark in the general flow of events.

Impressions of today’s morning walk with a friend through a nearby park illustrate this unexpected opening of surprising vistas in life.

You might not notice that there is a door to another sphere of experience opening.

Suddenly a window opens: A green frame as a work of art at a pond.

The situation shows up just like the two passing swans disappearing again some seconds later.

You discover surprising views into unexpected situations, like this tree house made of coloured plexiglass.

Flowerbed forming a colourful road of changing impressions

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  1. sébastien Says:

    nice Land Art
    it looks like that nowdays the portable camera can acts like the recommanded orange notesheet where to write the special impressions or ideas, though it goes with pictures…
    Namaskaram M

  2. SHARMAMN Says:


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