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Reflections of OM

The holy sound, OM, reverberates through the teachings of The Master – and every teacher is in truth a representation of this one principle, an exemplification of The Teacher or Master.

Two years ago Master Kumar gave us a beautiful OM sign with 3 bells, symbolising the 3 Logoi coming out of the Sound of Silence. Last week a reflection through a prism created a beautiful rainbow light shining on the symbol hanging at our altar. It is like the 7 rays coming out of the one light. This constellation of light was there just for a short moment.

2 Responses to “Reflections of OM”

  1. Sree Pallavi Says:

    The ‘OM’ Heard Round The World: Aug’ 15, 2010.
    We have designated August 15, 2010 as Earth Healing Day, and we invite all concerned planetary citizens to join together, in their respective time zones, for a power-packed hour of:

    Dedicated focus for Earth healing and cleansing
    Prayer, meditation and chanting
    Sharing of love for the planet

    -By Vajra Flame Foundation ( with guidance and blessing from Master Djwhal Khul.

  2. N.SHARMA.M Says:

    “OM ” Vibrations are good.

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