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Summer Solstice Celebration – Subjective and Objective Life

Last weekend we were at the Summer Solstice seminar of the WTT in Königswinter, Germany. About 100 group members from Germany and some other European countries had come together for this beautiful celebration with Sri Parvathi Kumar. Here is a short extract from my notes.

“Passion towards the other sex, towards beautiful things in form, looking for precious stones, for better clothing, always there is a better than the best, it is ruling the humanity. For nothing they keep changing. When you have a watch and it is functional, you don’t have to buy another watch, its function is to show you the time. You keep changing watches, keep changing pens and changing the jewelery, changing shoes. When the present ones are good why should you change them? Just for change. People also change their profession very frequently. Any profession’s ultimate purpose is serving society. You think the other job is more lucrative, therefore you change. The profession you have you don’t have to change. It is nothing but the mutability of the mind. Change of the sake of changing has no meaning it would build a lot of instability.

Ultimately people also keep changing their spouses. When we are changing, why can’t we change our spouses? If you have a moving chair, can you sit in it properly? Objective life you cannot go on changing. One spouse for one life is enough, one profession for one life is more than enough. One good pen is more than enough for one life, it carries your energy. Accumulating things is not recommended, is to be avoided. Symbolically, not physically every large belly, because the navel its tension is lost. You just let yourself into objectivity and become a slave of objectivity. Slavery to objectivity is eternal, unless you develop taste for the subjective mind. Impose discipline upon yourself. Self-imposition, for other people you don’t have to impose, self-governance. One should feel that it is not right to receive advises. The children do what they like. Self-.governing is possible when we develop the will. How do you develop will? It is a subjective faculty. You should be given, supplied with the subjective will.

The will can be developed through certain techniques. To utter forth the sound OM develops will. …

The birth of the soul is in Cancer, it is the birth into the body of flesh and blood and then there is again through the discipline we spoke about the birth into golden light which is the body, it happens to the body which is called the second body. Then he is called the twice born one, he is born again. He is born into golden light which emerges from the body of flesh and blood only through a discipline he follows, the discipleship where he would have fairly organised the outer activity and engages himself into the subjective activity. More and more he becomes active in the subjective world. He once again gets into the subjective world and when he learns the related matters of subjectivity there are two lives in one life. The life in objectivity is one life, the life in subjectivity is another.

The life in subjectivity is not mixed with the other life, it is like the butter forming within the milk. Milk put to a certain discipline and the related discipline gives birth to butter. The butter is gathered and kept. Before it was integrated into milk, now it remains in the milk but with its own identity. A ball of butter floats in the milk, it does not at any moment mix up with the milk. Earlier it was completely integrated, but through the processes it is now separated, consequently milk is milk and butter is butter, and just as butter floats in milk the soul with the golden body of light floats within the body of flesh and blood. Initially it moves out and learns. Later in meditation our soul moves out and learns. The teachers who are ahead of evolution assist those forms in whom the golden body is formed.”

During the seminar there were two fire rituals, which create a thrilling atmosphere of strong spiritual vibrations. Here is an impression from the one on solstice day, last Monday.

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