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Spiritual Aspiration and the Value of Experience

The last three days we had a beautiful seminar with Dr. Kumar in a small circle at the WTT-office in Einsiedeln, Switzerland, about the scripture of Bhagavatam, the story of a world disciple. Here is a short extract from my notes of yesterday’s lecture, which was very thrilling:

“Spiritual aspiration happens to every human in one incarnation or the other. The various beings come down into incarnation into various kingdoms only to experience, be it in the mineral, plant or animal or human or even angels. They get incarnated in the mundane and even super-mundane planes to relate to the creation and to experience. As much as one experiences so much one experiences various aspects of life. There are thousands of aspects of life, it is not just one or two. Man experiences many things and yet in the energy of life there are many other things unfulfilled. Therefore he comes back to fulfil the unfulfilled.

On the physical plane there are many things to experience, on the emotional plane there are many things to experience through the 5 senses, and on the mental plane there are many, many more things to experience. The moment one takes to human birth he not only experiences the physical, emotional and mental plane activity but also has the potential of the subtle plane which is called supramental or super-mundane.

If you see the humans on the planet, there are millions and millions, experiencing different things in different ways. It is only one agenda, that agenda is to progress. Every day you see so many vehicles in the early morning moving out, and many animals. What fore are they moving? To fulfil their desires, their emotions and their thoughts. When there is no such desire nobody moves. The movement is due to the inner impulse to know and to experience, to do and to experience. In doing so when the related experience comes, if it is a good experience he repeats the experience all the time, if it is an unpleasant experience he tries to avoid. By nature nobody wants an unpleasant experience. Unless one is a sick person he does not invite any unpleasant experience. But unpleasant experiences do come, due to lack of knowledge how to do. Due to lack of knowledge about what to do and where to do. We cannot do everywhere what we like, according to place and time it changes. What to do, where to do, when to do. If these 3 things are in tune the experiences are pleasant, if not they are otherwise.

So through unpleasant experiences we learn what not to do, where not to do and how not to do. He will learn that he cannot do certain things in certain places. If he does so he will have unpleasant experiences. Likewise he also learns that when he does certain things when the experience is unpleasant he slowly learns what not to do. Even if he knows where and what to do, it is to learn how to do so that the experience is favourable. The scriptures and the teachings of the initiates lay down certain parameters for the humans, but unless man experiences some things he would not follow the scriptures or the teachings of the initiates. The best teacher is life itself.”

Einsiedeln this morning

Tuesday afternoon we visited the Paracelsus centre near Einsiedeln, where at the place of the birth house of the great initiate Paracelsus the WTT has a little centre in memory of Paracelsus. And we are also publishing a monthly magazine Paracelsus – Health and Healing.

A commemoration stone with a picture of Paracelsus

A Paracelsus medal inside the centre

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