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A friend sent me some days ago an impressive video about a chameleon changing colours, which I also found on YouTube, tought the music there is not my style… I then came across the following passage of my spiritual teacher, Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar from a seminar last year in IguazĂș, giving us a lesson of the chameleon:

“You may play the role of a human, but you are consciousness. Our real identity is that we are units of consciousness. Each one is a column of consciousness playing different roles. So many different roles, so many false identities. Your original identity is lost. We generally believe what we are not by repeated information and repeated action. That is identifying with an objective situation and becoming that, like a chameleon. Depending on the colours if the surrounding, it loses its colours. You have lost the original identity through the many modifications…. . The purpose of yoga is to gain original identity. That is what is called self-realisation. That is the purpose, and then there is a process of transformation from the present state. We have to transform many states to regain our original state of consciousness.”

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