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Re-Treatment – End of an Outstanding Group Life

Friday morning we had our last lecture by Master Kumar. Afterwards there was the valedictory function, where presents of thanks were given to the members of the Indian brotherhood and the Master. Some group members expressed their thanks for this deep time and all the inspiration and guidance given by the Master. In my humorous words I said that the Retreat-Centre is in reality a treat centre, where we are given an intense and multi-dimensional treatment, with sound, colour, group-dynamical washing-treatments…. And since one treatment isn’t enough, you have to undergo several treatments, so it is a re-treat centre.

Then the Master addressed the group with some words (extract):
“The groups get a taste of group life. It was very harmonious. I was expecting complaints, but no one came this time – I am “disappointed”…
A group member mentioned the great naturalness of the master. To this he said: “If you don’t have a role, you can take on to any role. The moment I go to the dais, I am very conscious, and then I come back to be. That is how I retain that kind of natural, normal interaction people know, when I am at the dining table or speak to them. Keep it empty it is filled with the blue space, the diamond space. This is how all this has become possible. If you take to a stand, you can’t do much. No position, no stand, just be and be in tune with time, in tune with the situation and in tune with the people. Only then we can smile. Otherwise it is not possible to smile always. Keep the head above and go on, to receive according to time and space. To allow the conscious and the unconscious flow and express itself.

In the evening we saw a movie in the retreat centre about the great Mogul emperor Akbar and his wife Joodha, so the name of the film is Joodha-Akbar. It was a heart-thrilling movie made at historic sites in Rajasthan – Rajput-Palaces, fantastic costumes, dances, players, great emotions and noble content – a really deeply inspiring movie and a good end of this extremely enriching group life in India.

Kumari Garu, the wife of Sri Kumar, was caring for the group like a mother.

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