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Spiritual Confusions

Some days ago I got an e-mail from a friend in Venezuela who wrote (lightly adapted):

“I assisted to a conference with the Tao people in Caracas, and they talked about how the human beings, when they die and disincarnate, there are different way  they do this work.
They said, if it is done by the  ajna center (in the middle above the eyes) they will have some special work to do, but if the soul is going out by the eyes, in their  next incarnation they will come as a bird, by the nose they will be an insect, by the ears a mammal,  by the mouth a fish, and by your navel you are again coming as a human being….
This part in the conference was a shock to me because I do not know anything about it, only with our teacher we really are doing a work in order to establish a different style of life with the work to do, in this incarnation, and  looking to continue an ascent to live with the soul and liberate the personality in order to use only our soul and participate with it in the social life, …”

I anwered her:

“Many people talk many silly things in spirituality. This with the bird, insect etc. is absolute nonsense. The Masters of Wisdom teach that you should go out through the higher centres, from heart onward, and the higher the better. I try to go by what I know from their teachings. You quickly get confused with people talking about spirituality and the like… Don’t let yourself get confused and try to help people to get out of the clouds of spiritual confusion, this is a big maya.”

She answered: “Those people of the Tao look so nice, but I really was shocked with the information they talked about….”

I replied: “Yes, there are many nice people in spiritual groups, but this doesn’t guard them from getting lost into wrong concepts.” It is a great test on the path to work out a right understanding and not to let yourself get confused by the many irritating concepts.  The mind is often compared with a mirror full of deformations and dirt. It is important to clean it and restore its original purity. This is a scientific process, and the age-old science is called the path of yoga or union. For this path a wise teacher is very helpful.

The mirroring globe in the Cité des sciences de de l’industrie in Paris. Photo of a friend

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