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Angel Invasion

Two weeks ago we were in Engelberg at a seminar. The meaning of Engelberg is Mountain of Angels, and throughout the village you could see angel sculptures like an invasion of beings from another sphere. The sculptures of the exposition were basically the same polyacrylic forms decorated in different ways – and thus reflecting different attitudes towards the sublime:

Some of the figures were ridiculising the idea of angels, some were playfully using them as decorations, some reflected a spark of the underlying mystery. A friend of mine sent me a photo CD with some of these angels – a good study, not so much about angels but more about man or the artist’s attitude. The angels are for sale… The titles under the pictures are given by me:

The Shopping-Angel with a sad look, his head being a black gift box – symbolic of man lost in commercialism.

The Fashion Angel, disguised in decoration, his light being the false light of a lamp and not from above.

What do you find inside the drawers? Spiritual inspiration or emptiness?

The Angel of a “beautiful apartment / nice dress dream” – instead of striving to the lofty spheres

The Angel of Time – reminding us of the good use of every moment for upliftment. It is also Chronos-Saturn, the Lord or Time, in green, related to the 3rd ray of Active Intelligence.

The Angel of Broken Mirrors – symbolic of broken dreams or of the many reflections of the One light in the dense spheres of the gross material world.

The Tourism Angel, inside three branches of a dead tree – looking for “higher experiences” in the mountains

The Angel of the integration of heart and hand, of loving action

The Angel of the Warm Heart, radiating silently his light at the corner of a shop, inspiring hope and strength

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