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Spirals – Basic Principle of Creation

Some days ago a friend sent me the link to a German website named “Seniors’ Circle Active” (this way) about different topics concerning nature, art, culture, with the motto: “Who changes, remains”. The site is a bit aphoristically arranged, but there are beautiful photos and finds, for example about spirals: Spirals a a basic principle of nature, and a picture shows how the clockwise and anti-clockwise spiral together have a heart form in the middle: “The universal principle of movement ends in the form of the heart”.

So you find spirals in the forms of the DNA as well as in flowers, shells, fingerprints, water vortexes, tornadoes, galaxies (whirlpool galaxies. There is a link to the Phyllotaxis-website “An interactive Site for the Mathematical Study of Plant Pattern Formation”, with a lot of photos of spirals from the plant kingdom. There you also find an applet for the exploration of all possible spiral lattices and their organization.

The spiral is the symbol of time, of Kronos-Saturn, who limits us with the downward spiral when we go deeper and deeper into matter, and the upward spiral on the path of light, leading to ever lagers rounds until we get out of the binding circumscriptions.

Corinth, Greece: Symbol of the Divine Man in the centre of the spirals extending from the centre to the circumference, with a ring of waves – symbolic of the ethers of space – around the centre.

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