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The Global Oneness Project – Exploring Global Interconnectedness

A friend from America sent me the link to the “Global Oneness Project”, a very interesting web-based video initiative, which is “committed to documenting what is being born during this time of planetwide transformation. While we are confronted with unmistakable signs that our current way of life is no longer sustainable, inspiring and innovative people and programs are blossoming in all areas of our collective society.”

They are portraying everywhere in the world “subjects live and work with many of the following values, attitudes, and beliefs:

  • We are responsible to each other, the earth, and future generations.
  • There are enough resources for us all, if we share.
  • Free exchanges of information allow for greater, collective creative potential.
  • Love, care and compassion have the power to transform the fabric of society.”

“The Global Oneness Project is exploring how the radically simple notion of interconnectedness can be lived in our increasingly complex world.”

You find a number of short films and interview on their site “showing the diverse ways oneness is expressed—in the fields of sustainability, conflict resolution, spirituality, art, economics, indigenous culture, and social justice— others will be inspired to create solutions to personal and community challenges from their own lived understanding of oneness.”

The Global Oneness Project is a special project of Kalliopeia Foundation, a private grantmaking foundation committed to honoring the unity that lies at the heart of life’s rich diversity. On the Kalliopeia site I saw links to a number of inspiring projects dedicated to good will activities, which I will highlight in some other blogpost.

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